HTC Bids Hard For Customers With Free Screen Replacement, Android Updates, More

HTC is struggling badly financially, but to its credit the company refuses to go down without a fight. In addition to looking into the lower range of the handset market to regain some revenue flow, HTC is rolling out the HTC Advantage program which essentially promises the best possible customer service for those who buy HTC smartphones.

For example, HTC Advantage offers users a free (one-time, within the first 6 months of ownership) screen replacement should theirs break. Further, HTC promises to keep its phones fresh with the most current Android updates, and the company is offering 25GB to 50GB of free Google Drive storage as well as cloud backup for all the files and data on your device in the event your handset is lost or stolen. Finally, HTC Advantage includes live online or phone help, too.


Short of offering a handset replacement program, HTC Advantage has excellent benefits that will no doubt entice some potential users, and HTC is wise to employ the tactic of excellent customer service to nab more customers.

The only catch, really, is that HTC Advantage is only for those who purchase an HTC One Max, HTC One, or HTC One mini smartphones, which are solid enough option even though they haven’t been selling all that well.

HTC hopes that trend will reverse itself, especially as a new flagship HTC One is due out within weeks.