HTC And Sprint Tease "Latest Collaboration," Could It Be The One X?

Sprint and HTC are sending out invites to an April 4 event where attendees will experience the "latest collaboration" between the companies. Both Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and HTC President Jason Mackenzie will be there, so you can assume it's going to be a big deal.

Previously, we heard Sprint was getting the HTC One X, also referred to as the HTC Jet, though at the time this was only a rumor. This invitation adds some credibility to the rumor, and we'll know for sure in a couple weeks what to expect from the two companies. In the meantime, TechoBuffalo claims a "reliable Sprint source" has told them HTC will in fact unveil the Jet (One X) at the event. At this point, we still don't know if Jet is a codename for the One X or if the device will land at Sprint with the EVO branding or another name.  

Whatever you call it, HTC's One X is expected to be among Sprint's first 4G LTE devices. Our earlier report suggested the phone could land at stores on June 10. Sprint hasn't activated its 4G LTE network yet, but has announced plans to make the service live by the middle of this year in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.