HP WebOS Open Source Releases Begin

WebOS may be "dead," but it's far from gone and buried. HP noted that the software would live on in some form or another, with open source coding to be released into the wild so that device lovers could do with it what they wanted. As 2012 hits full stride, WebOS is poking its head out of the door once more, with deliver of quite a few things in the mobile OS' universe. According to HP, these are being released this month: extensions to QtWebKit, the release of Isis (our web browser), HP's integration with JavaScript core, UI Enyo widgets, and HP's governance model. A few more words from HP describing the releases:

"To stay at the forefront, webOS required a fast, standards-compliant web browser engine to provide the core of both the standalone browser and the rendering technology for the platform and its apps. For this reason, we chose QtWebKit to power the next generation experience for webOS. QtWebKit offers unrivaled speed and standards compliance while providing a powerful and fast platform for Enyo and apps. WebKit is also the point of integration between the underlying System Manager, which will be open sourced later this year, and the web rendering layer of webOS.

QtWebKit (a.k.a. "Cute" WebKit) was originally open sourced by Nokia. We have been in the process of moving webOS to this port of WebKit for some time, with a goal of increasing web site compatibility and overall performance. Today we are ready to release the first part of this effort to the open source community-the Isis web browser."

Will any other OEM pick up WebOS and making it marketable again? Here's your chance...
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