HP w2408 Vivid-Color 24" Widescreen LCD

To coincide with the announcement of the Blackbird 002 Gaming System (evaluated here), Hewlett Packard is also unveiling a brand new LCD monitor, the w2408 Vivid-Color 24" Widescreen LCD, that we thought you'd all like to see.

Hewlett Packard w2408 Vivid-Color 24" Widescreen LCD

At first glance, the w2408 looks very much like the w2207 we showed you earlier in the week.  The w2408 is equipped with a similar base, it can be rotated into landscape or portrait mode, it has a built in USB hub, a headphone jack and integrated speakers, and it is also adorned with a high-gloss BrightView coating that enhances colors and contrast.

What sets the new w2408 apart, however, are a couple a features that aren't immediately apparent.  If you look at the specifications, you'll see that the w2408 is equipped with an ambient light sensor that automatically throttles the screen's brightness based on the amount of light in the room.  The panel used in the w2408 also has a 92% color gamut, which is about 20% higher than many other LCD monitors.  Dell's 3007WFP-HC and HP's own LP3065 are two of the very few monitors that also boast support for a 92% color gamut.

We're hoping to have our evaluation of the HP w2408 Vivid-Color 24" Widescreen LCD posted in the not too distant future.  Samples should be available in a few weeks, at which point we'll get started on the review process, so stay tuned.

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