HP to Tighten Restrictions on Labor Abuse in China

Working conditions for the people who build the world’s gadgets is an issue that has received increased scrutiny in the wake of recent news coverage. Finding itself in the spotlight for controversies over worker suicides at Chinese suppliers, Apple took steps to ensure suppliers met certain standards for worker rights. Apple’s not the only major company to reevaluate its policies, however, and HP announced today that it has new guidelines for student labor at its suppliers.

Chinese Factory Workers
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HP's new guidelines are meant to control a practice among Chinese suppliers of bringing in students as interns and giving them heavy workloads at factories.

HP Sleekbook Laptop
Ever wonder who made your laptop, and under what working conditions?
HP's working to improve conditions for student workers at its suppliers in China.

Reports suggest that interns sometimes must work at these suppliers during peak seasons in order to graduate. The guidelines limit working hours for interns and will be backed up with more frequent audits.
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