HP Reveals ElitePad 900, A Business-Centric Tablet Built For Windows 8

Who says HP's not in the tablet business? While the original Windows-powered HP Slate feels like it was introduced (and soon left to be forgotten) ages ago, the new ElitePad 900 is hoping to dodge that same fate. It's a business-centric tablet, notably sidestepping comparisons with the consumer-friendly iPad, boasting a 10.1" diagonal touch panel, a weight of 1.5 lbs., and a frame that's 9.2mm thick. It's engineered for Windows 8, and will support a host of business-friendly accessories. Things like the Productivity Jacket, which includes an integrated keyboard, connectivity ports, SD card reader and adjustable viewing angle, as well as an Expansion Jack that adds  USB, HDMI and other connectivity ports. There's also an optional Jacket battery, a Rugged Case and even a Docking Station.

Other specs include a 1080p front-facing camera, 8MP rear camera, and support for pen input. Strangely, no pricing is being revealed, and you won't be able to get one this year as it's shipping in January of 2013. It's also hard to believe that corporations will really fork out for all of these accessories; by the time you buy them all, you could've probably purchased an Ultrabook for less. At any rate, it's an interesting model, and we'll be watching to see how it pans out for HP.

A tablet that is made for business
Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the HP ElitePad offers a 10.1-inch diagonal display, weighs just 1.5 pounds and measures 9.2 millimeters thin. 

Powered by next-generation Intel mobile processors, the HP ElitePad delivers PC productivity for those on the go and Intel x86 compatibility for existing business application support. It is designed for Windows 8 and supports touch-, pen- or voice-based input. 

The unique, productivity-enhancing ecosystem of HP Smart Jackets and additional accessories designed specifically for the HP ElitePad expand the tablet’s potential, turning it into a total enterprise solution: 

  • HP ElitePad Productivity Jacket—includes an integrated keyboard, connectivity ports, SD card reader and adjustable viewing angles for a complete computing experience.
  • HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket—adds USB, HDMI and other connectivity to get more done on the go. Add even longer battery life when bundled with the optional HP ElitePad Jacket battery.
  • The HP ElitePad Rugged Case—provides military-grade reliability and enhances the stylish profile of the ElitePad for added protection.
  • HP ElitePad Docking Station—delivers an enterprise-class desktop experience with an added keyboard and monitor and also charges the tablet. Or, use it to set the tablet up as a secondary screen for phenomenal multitasking.
  • HP Executive Tablet Pen—lets customers write messages and notes in their natural handwriting directly on screen and then save or convert to typed text for use in other applications.

Loaded with tools for mobile work or play
The HP ElitePad tablet’s 1080p front-facing video camera and 8 megapixel rear camera with an LED flash and included CyberLink YouCam software help users easily communicate face to face, create high-definition web videos or record training videos.

The new HP PageLift is an application that automatically trims, correctly lights and orients a captured image of a whiteboard, paper contract or other document, and users can easily print directly to any ePrint-capable HP printer or to a networked HP printer.

The HP ElitePad also helps small workgroups connect with HP Wireless Hotspot, a desktop application that allows users to share a wireless internet connection and network bandwidth.

Information management is made easy with Evernote, which captures, saves and synchronizes information across devices, and Skitch software that eases collaboration with colleagues by quickly marking up images with captions or sketches.

Manageability, deployment and security for IT environments
The HP ElitePad offers a long life cycle, stable image and HP Global Series Support. It also features a one-year standard warranty, with the option for a three-year warranty via HP Care Pack Services. The HP ElitePad is fully serviceable with an optional, industry-unique service tool for HP Self-Maintainers that allows customers to access the panel, battery, motherboard and unibody chassis, helping reduce downtime and keep sensitive data and devices in-house.

In addition, organizations will appreciate the enterprise-caliber data, device and identity protection from HP Client Security, including HP BIOS Protection, Security Manager and HP Drive Encryption. 

The LANDesk Management Suite also increases security and eases management by providing differentiated tools to locate and protect data on lost devices, remotely capture SIM card info for mass WWAN activation and enforce geographic policies to remotely lock, full wipe or selectively wipe data.