HP Releases WebOS 2.1 SDK For Developers

Don't count WebOS out just yet. The mobile operating system started by Palm, and now being handled by HP, has struggled to reach critical mass in recent years, mostly due to inadequate Palm hardware and a rough ride as it has changed families mid-course. But in a recent press event, HP revealed three new WebOS devices, indicating that they were intent on continuing to support the brand, the OS and the development of that OS. In fact, one of the key factors in WebOS' eventual growth will be developer support. If no one develops applications for the WebOS app store, consumers won't have a good reason to invest their time in the system.

Now, HP is allowing prospective WebOS developers to get a head-start. The WebOS 2.1 SDK has just been released to the public, enabling coders to start developing new apps for the next generation of WebOS. The Early Access program has ended, meaning that anyone who is even remotely interested can try it out. With the new SDK, users will be able to take advantage of unique webOS features like Just Type, Exhibition and Synergy, build and distribute hybrid apps, combining HTML, JavaScript and CSS with C/C++, and develop WebOS services in JavaScript with node.js.

HP also announced that developers who have built apps for the Pixi will have another handset to sell on: the Veer. If your app is already optimized for a 320 x 400 display, it should be easy to port it over to the Veer. WebOS 3.0 is obviously just around the bend, and this is a big step in getting everyone ready for that next wave. Will 3.0 be the build that finally competes heavily with Android and iOS? We can't help but hope so -- more options are always good for the consumer.