HP Reaches for the Cloud with Upline

HP has joined the burgeoning ranks of those offering online storage and backup in the cloud as it announces Upline.  Funny thing is, that term always makes us think of Amway, not storage.

If it feels like the online storage and file sharing market is getting a little crowded, that's because it is. Just in the past few weeks, we've seen services such as Dropbox, AOL's Xdrive Desktop, Windows SkyDrive, and more, come into the market.

Now HP is dropping its hat into the ring, with HP Upline. HP Upline offers unlimited storage for as low as $59 per year. Features of Upline include:

    * Automatic Backup
    * 1-click restore
    * Access from anywhere
    * Ability to share files with friends

File-sharing?  What have we come to!?

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