HP Omen X Gaming Laptop Is A Master At Overclocking, Flaunts Core i7-7820HK And GeForce GTX 1080

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Hewlett-Packard is expanding its popular Omen family of gaming PCs and peripherals to a new segment: laptops. The company just announced the beastly Omen X Laptop, weighing in at a punishing 10.69 pounds; although HP isn’t expecting gamers to be lugging this beauty around on a daily basis.

In addition to its portly weight, the Omen X Laptop also has rather beefy dimensions, coming in at 16.73 x 12.88 x 1.43 inches. However, that generous frame has allowed HP to cram some deliciously potent hardware into the system. For starters, there’s an Intel Skylake Core i7-7820HK processor to fuel this gaming beast, which is of course factory unlocked and subject to your overclocking obsessions.

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The chassis of the Omen X Laptop has been designed in such a way to ensure that your overclocking experiments don’t result an epic fail for your gaming hardware. The company has included high performance fans to ensure adequate airflow and an integrated vapor chamber that features four 3.5mm heat pipes to redirect heat away from the GPU and CPU to four complementary radiators at the rear of the device.

Speaking of the GPU, HP gives you the choice of either the potent NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or the hell raising GTX 1080. Whichever graphics card that you select, HP supports overclocking to help you eke out extra performance. The system can be equipped with up to 32GB of DDR4-2800 memory. All of your overclocking tasks (including memory) take place via the Omen Command Center Software.

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When it comes to the 17-inch display, you have your choice of a Full HD (1080p) or 4K panel; both of which are compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC. You will also find a wide variety of storage options including single SSD (or HDD) configurations or hybrid SSD + HDD combinations. PCIe SSDs are supported for those that what the ultimate in storage performance. On the port front, you’ll find three USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a single HDMI 2.0 port (HDR supported), miniDP and GbE.

And this wouldn’t be a gaming laptop if there weren’t some superfluous design touches, so you’ll find the mechanical keyboard has per-key LED lighting and there additional LED lighting strips strewn around the laptop for your customization pleasure. HP has even includes a translucent window that allows you to peek inside of the machine.

The HP Omen X Laptop will ship in October with a starting price of $2,299.

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