HP Chairman Dunn Resigns Over Scandal

Last Tuesday it was reported that Hewlett-Packard was having an ongoing internal investigation over who was leaking information to the press, and the source was assumed to be one of the company's directors. CNet news is now reporting that HP may have illegally accessed the phone records of the companies directors, as well as a few journalists, and possibly others. With the current turmoil going on, HP Chairman Patricia Dunn has announced her resignation from the post, with current CEO and President Mark Hurde to take over.

"Dunn's departure caps a tumultuous episode for HP, one of the country's largest companies and a Silicon Valley icon that just over a week ago had been basking in the glow of an economic turnaround. The computer maker now finds itself mired in a scandal sparked by an investigation into media leaks emanating from its boardroom. Last Tuesday, several media outlets reported that an internal HP investigation into its own directors was behind one director's angry resignation this spring. During the course of last week, it came out that the investigation to find the source of media leaks involved possibly illegal access to phone records of the company's directors, at least nine journalists and potentially many other people. As a result, federal and California state prosecutors launched investigations, and civil lawsuits and criminal charges are possible. A U.S. House of Representatives committee is also seeking records related to the case. "

George Keyworth, who has been identified as the suspected source of the leaks, is set to resign immediately. Dunn will however remain on the board as a director.

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