HP Aims To Reinvent Desktop PCs With New Pavilion Wave And Elite Slice

A lot of companies claim to "reinvent" things, and to be honest, it's an overused term. But, after taking a look at HP's latest desktop PCs, the Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice, you might just find HP's claim to "reinvent" the desktop an apt one.

HP Elite Slice

The Elite Slice is a compact PC that's designed to look good while packing in what it takes to get work done efficiently. Intel Core i7 35W processor models will be featured in this PC, so performance should not be an issue.

This PC is modular for the sake of expansion. You can purchase a $109 Audio Module which pleasures you aurally with a 360° Bang & Olufsen speaker. This module also includes a dual-mic design that offers noise-canceling up to 5 meters. Ultimately, the Slice is meant to be a business PC; its dual-mic design allows for crisp and clear calls without background noise. But, the PC would also be good for those wanting a great-looking PC that can deliver great sound. An ODD Module is also being offered to those with optical disc needs; it's set to cost $99.

A really cool feature of the Slice is that the top of it acts as a wireless phone charger. You can simply set your phone on top and let it charge as you get some work done.

Price-wise, the Elite Slice is set to retail for $699, without the two modules.

HP wanted both the Slice and Wave to be eye-catching, and both are, but it could be argued that it's the Wave that has the more attractive, attention-grabbing aesthetics. You be the judge:

HP Pavilion Wave

The Pavilion Wave is a compact PC (6.81" x 6.62" x 10.29"), and like the Slice, it aims to deliver quality sound, again through a 360° Bang & Olufsen solution.

The design of this PC features a triangular-shaped tower with three angled areas inside, each of which houses a different set of components. The thermal design includes heatpipes that will dissipate warm air up through the top of the PC.

The Wave can support dual 4K monitors out-of-the-box, can come equipped with a 1TB SSD or 2TB HDD, up to 16GB of memory, and an optional AMD Radeon R9 M470 graphics card for video editing or "light" gaming.

The Pavilion Wave costs $550. Both the Wave and Slice are expected to become available in September.