HP 23" TouchSmart 600 All-In-One HH Reviewed

With a claim of “nearly 30-years of touch innovation” under its belt, HP is no stranger to touch-input technology. The company has recently integrated touch input into a number of its consumer and business product lines, such as tablets, notebooks and perhaps the most well-known, its line of TouchSmart all-in-one desktop PCs.

Taking advantage of a good thing when they see it, HP has produced a few major updates to the TouchSmart line, culminating in the latest release of the TouchSmart series, the 20-inch TouchSmart 300 series and 23-inch TouchSmart 600 series. Other than screen size and specs, both the 300 and 600 series have much in common, including a relatively thin chassis, glossy 16:9 widescreen display, and a plethora of touch-enabled features and applications.  Many of the touch features take advantage of the new and improved touch features built into Windows 7, but HP's new TouchSmart PCs also come with a bevy of custom touch-enabled apps as well.  More on these in a quick video preview we have for you here and in the pages ahead...

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