How You Can Still Snag a Cheap HP TouchPad Tablet

Hewlett Packard created a lot of interest for its cancelled TouchPad tablet when it slashed the price to $99 for the 16GB model and $149 for the 32GB model, and it didn't take long for the OEM and its retail partners to run out of stock. That's old news. But did you know you can still buy a discounted TouchPad? You have two options for picking up a TouchPad on the cheap, and both come with caveats (and one with a time limit).

Your first option is to head over to and shop a bundle deal. Best Buy currently has stock of an untold number of 32GB TouchPad models, and the electronics chain is selling them on its website and in Best Buy mobile stores for $150 with the purchase of a qualifying HP or Compaq computer. That's not such a bad deal if you're the market for a new system to begin with, but if not, that's a big caveat to swallow.

There's also a second option. In less than two hours from the time of this writing, TigerDirect will begin selling a bundle of its own that includes the 32GB TouchPad and several accessories. The price runs $280 and includes:
  • HP 32GB TouchPad Tablet
  • Belkin 10.1-inch Tablet Case
  • Belkin FlipBlade Tablet Stand
  • Creative Labs D80 Bluetooth Speakers
  • HP 16GB USB Flash Drive

No PC purchase required, just a willingness to spend an additional $130 over the fire sale price of a 32GB HP TouchPad in exchange for bundled items. Oh, and you'll have to act fast. TigerDirect anticipates selling out in "mere minutes" once the deal goes live at 2:30PM Eastern Time, which "means it could be sold out at 2:32PM ET."

Do you find either of these bundles appealing?