How Long Before Your Kid Would Lose A LeapBand Smartwatch?

LeapFrog, the company that makes all sorts of fun/educational products for kids, mostly centered around technology, has a smartwatch aimed at 4-7 year olds. The device looks cute, with a bright and colorful display, and it’s designed to encourage kiddos to engage in active play and learn about food, nutrition, health, and hygiene.

There are activity games wherein kids are supposed to earn points by moving in certain ways (such as leaping like a frog or wiggling like a worm), and the smartwatch tracks that activity, too. Kids can unlock more play on other devices and earn rewards playing games that will sync back to the LeapBand.


The LeapBand also has a primary function where kids can choose a pet, name it and decide on its “look”, exercise with it, feed it (healthy) food, and bathe and groom it to unlock points and acquire accessories. (Some things never change.)

Having a wearable device like the LeapBand for kids seems like it was inevitable, but it does beg the question: How long will it take your kid to lose this thing? Whenever I acquired a watch as kid, it was a prized possession for a week at most before disappearing into the gaping maw that was my messy bedroom.

The LeapBand will be available in early August in blue, green, and pink, so parents can see if their kids can keep track of the smartwatch beyond the start of the school year.