How Hot Is Valve's Steam? 7 Million Concurrent Users Hot

Yesterday, Valve’s Steam gaming service hit a milestone by logging more than 7 million concurrent users. The exact number is 7,190,629, and the peak moment occurred somewhere between 10 and 10:30am on Sunday morning (Pacific Time, it seems).

It’s probably no coincidence that Valve commenced its Autumn 2013 sale just days ago, offering deep discounts on games.

Valve concurrent Steam users

Steam currently has about 65 million registered accounts, so that 7 million-plus number shows that more than 10% of all Steam users were gaming at the same time yesterday. In 2011, the high was around 5 million concurrent users with 40 million accounts, and last year it was about 6 million on 50 million accounts.

Those numbers will likely only rise as Valve’s Steam Machines running Steam OS begin to proliferate.