How Google Assistant Users Can Get A Free Home Mini From Google

Google Home Mini
We are still more than two months away from Christmas, but Google has found itself in the giving mood and is playing Santa Claus for some lucky Assistant users. Just as it has done with some YouTube Premium subscribers, Google is gifting free Home Mini speakers to select Assistant users.

There does not appear to be a whole lot of rhyme or reason to who exactly gets chosen, other than users who active use Google Assistant. If you are one of them, be on the lookout for the freebie offer from Google in your feed. The only caveat is you have to pay a few bucks for shipping.
Google Home Mini Free Offer
Source: XDA Developers
That's not a bad deal, considering you are getting a $49 product for around five bucks. The voice controlled speaker is rather compact and supports the HE, AAC, LC, and AAC audio formats. It also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, features capacitive touch sensors, and delivers 360-degree sound by way of a 40mm driver.

It is not entirely clear what Google's selection process is for this offer. However, it's not the first time it has given away Home Mini devices. Just a few weeks ago, it began gifting Home Mini speakers to Google One subscribers, then to YouTube Premium subscribers a short while later. Now Google Assistant users are on the receiving end.

Google might be trying to clear out inventory in preparation for a new Home Mini launch, while building up some good will in the process. While nothing has been confirmed, rumor has it a new Home Mini marketed under the Nest brand is coming soon, at the same time Google plans to launch its upcoming Pixel 4 handset.

We'll find out if that's true in just a few days—Google's hardware event is scheduled for October 15.