Google Assistant Is Crashing Hard On Many Android Devices, Here's A Potential Fix

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Some Android device users have been reporting a crashing issue with the Google Assistant recently that as of writing is unpatched. For users who are facing this issue with their Android device, there is an "unofficial" fix that reportedly addresses the crash until Google gets an official patch ready. 

Users impacted by the bug see crashing messages after the app fails in the background. The crash will start when the user utter the "Hey Google" wake phrase, a gesture, or a button press. The Google Assistant crash bug isn't device-specific with users reporting the same crash on Google Pixel, Galaxy Note 10+, Xiaomi Mi 9, Galaxy S10e and other devices.

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As for the workaround, one user reports that clearing the Google app cache and storage in the settings menu and then skipping the "Get Started" tutorial app on launch appears to fix the issue. Reports indicate the most likely cause of the issue is that something is amiss server-side, as multiple versions of the Google app seem to be impacted. While no official statements from Google have been made, there is a support thread on Google Assistant Help Forums where James M., listed as a Platinum Product Expert, is calling for details on devices that are seeing the crash.

The support thread, which can be seen here, is asking users to provide the Google app version by going into phone Settings --> Apps --> Google app --> Advanced and scroll to the bottom of the screen for the app version. Users should update the app if prompted. The thread also wants device model details from phone Settings --> About phone --> Device Name & Android version.

In other new, Google recently issued an update to Assistant to help silence the privacy outcry.