How Evil Are You?

Do no evil, says Google. In general, people who say such things are up to no good, and want to throw you off the scent. Either that, or they're just plain feelin' guilty.

How about you? Feelin' guilty? Need some corroborating information? Need an alibi for the questionnaire at the Pearly Gates? Well, you can take this "How Evil Are You?" test, and set your mind at ease. Or keep you up at night.

The questions are more mundane then you might think; they're not wondering if you have a human head in your refrigerator. You don't, right? Me neither.

What browser are you using to browse the Internet right now? -Internet Explorer -Firefox -Opera -AOL -Netscape -The human blood-created browser of evil -Other

Our servers are obviously possessed by demons today. Maybe we at should have taken this test yesterday, before it was too late. It not too late for you! Take the test:

How Evil Are You?

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