How About Some Vista? Eh. Maybe Later

"When Microsoft's two most important products become available for businesses (the consumer version of Vista will be ready in January), adoption is likely to be modest at best. To some extent, that's because companies are cautious about adopting new technology. They want to make sure new products work with existing systems. And they don't want to disrupt employees who are accustomed to using what they have."

The editor is probably correct about potential adoption being slow, but saying it's because the products lack "pizzazz" is way off base.  How many of you in the corporate world have ever had your IT staff itching to overhaul your software infrastructure?  It's a huge job, full of unknowns.

Mr. Big to IT - "Should we be thinking about upgrading to Vista and Office 2007?"

IT to Mr. Big - "Let's hold off for a while. They're not pizzazz-y enough."

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