- There's An App For That

We know you're probably getting a little fed-up as of late, with words that start with a small "i" in front of them.  However, even with that realization, we have to steal just a little slice of your bandwidth, if you're an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad owner or are in possession of anything that will install an Apple mobile app.  When you're on the road and can't get your fix of HH, don't fret.  It's a cold, lifeless world out there without your daily dose of Hot Hardware, we understand, but we're here looking out for your best interest as always.  Now, you don't have to walk around uninformed, left flat, without entertainment and miserably disconnected from all the pure, unadulterated coolness we serve up here at HH.  You no longer have to suffer because, as with so many things in life these days, now for, as they say, there's an App for that!

All you iPhone/Pod/Pad toting technophiles, gear-heads, gadget-lovers, computer geeks can rejoice.  Behold, Hot Hardware's App version 1.0 is now live and ready to rock your iWorld.  (cue Bob Dylan for good ol' Uncle Steve...) App Version 1.0
Click here to access and install from iTunes, iPhone, iPod/Pad

And of course, oh yes, it's completely FREE!  That is at least until we get so many of you hooked on it that we decide to upgrade it to version 2.0 and charge you an arm and a leg for it.  OK, OK, so it will always be free, that was a complete lie. 

In all seriousness (we'll try now), the app allows you to quickly scan through Hot Hardware's content of news articles, full reviews and videos from our Youtube video channel.  You can then even share our articles or videos with your friend on Facebook, Twitter and over email.  Try it out!  You've got nothing to lose, honest.  Of course, if you find a bug, let us know and we'll beat our developer with a micro USB cable.  Enjoy!