HotHardware Video Podcast – Aug. 27, 2010

After a short hiatus, we’re finally back again this week with a brand new video podcast to talk about some recent developments in the hardware and technology scenes. Topics in this episode include Intel’s dual-core Atom D525 and Core i7 970 netbook and desktop processors, AMD’s upcoming low-power Bobcat and high-end Bulldozer CPU microarchitectures, Apple’s scary patent application, a peek of the Dell Streak, and more…

Show Notes:
0:20 - Intel Atom D525 Dual-Core Processor
2:56 - AMD Bobcat and Bulldozer CPU Microarchitecture
5:32 - Intel Core i7-970 Processor Review, Lower Cost 6-Core
7:54 - Apple's Scary Patent Application
11:55 - Dell Streak Sneak Peek
12:37 - NVIDIA and HH Just Cause 2 Giveaway, Just Cuz
13:11 - HH and MSI Lazy Days Of Summer Sweepstakes