HotHardware Invades The Wall Street Journal

Every so often in this business, something truly awesome happens that makes you step back and appreciate all of the hard work, tight deadlines, and a late night product launches.  For us here at HotHardware, this is one of those times.

If any of you happen to have a copy of this morning’s Wall Street Journal nearby, do us a favor and fold open the front page and check out the Intel ad running in the lower, right corner.  In the ad, Intel is promoting their ultra high-end Skulltrail enthusiast platform and it just so happens that they’ve chosen a quote from our article in the campaign.  There it is, right there in big, bold print!  It’s not often that we see our words or URL printed in one of the most prominent publications in the world - in fact this the first time we’ve been mentioned in the WSJ – so needless to say we’re pretty excited.

To commemorate the event, we’re giving away a complete Skulltrail-based system; the details can be found here.  For us here at HotHardware, it’s an exciting time to be working on the site, not only because of today’s news, but because we have a lot going on in the background that we’ll be unveiling in the weeks ahead.  And we hope that our Skulltrail sweepstakes makes it an exciting time for you as well.  Then again, it’s always pretty exciting around here – the Skulltrail sweepstakes is just a bonus!