HotHardware EVGA Tegra Note Tablet Holiday Giveaway Winners!

To usher in the holiday season, we here at HotHardware and our friends at EVGA and NVIDIA teamed up to put together one heck of an exciting give-away!

This time around we gave you all a chance to win a couple of slick, new NVIDIA Tegra 4 powered EVGA Tegra Note tablets. To sweeten the deal, we also threw in a few Google Play gift cards, so you can load your new toys up with apps and games!

First Prize:  EVGA Tegra Note Tablet + $50 Google Play Gift Card

Second Prize:  EVGA Tegra Note Tablet + $50 Google Play Gift Card

Third Prize:  $25 Google Play Gift Card

Well, the giveaway has come to a close and we've picked the lucky winners!

Shoot us a note with your full contact information and we'll let you know when the prizes ship! Congrats from Team HotHardware and Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy your new toys!