Hop on Firefox 6 Gold Release a Day Early!

Feeling pressured to switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome simply because you can't possibly wait another day for a new browser update? Don't sweat it. Even though Firefox 6 is still an agonizing 24 hours away from release, you can get a jump on less savvy PC users by downloading the final version of Firefox 6 today!

Let us reiterate that this is the honest-to-goodness final build of Firefox 6 and not a beta, alpha, or any other pre-release version. It's the same build Mozilla will kick out to Firefox users tomorrow, but if you don't feel like waiting, a manual download is just a couple of clicks away.

Windows users will want to click here, Linux users here, and Mac users go fly a kite... we jest, we love all of our readers, even ones on a Mac; here's your link.

Mozilla's rapid release schedule means you can expect a brand spanking new version of Firefox probably faster than you can get used to the build number you're using. For example, Firefox 7 -- the one that's supposed to make great strides with memory leaks -- is due out on September 27th, Firefox 8 on November 11th, and Firefox 9 sometime before 2012.