Hon Hai Precision and Mozilla to Tag Team a Firefox Tablet

If you thought the mobile wars were interesting now, just wait until Mozilla enters the fray with its Firefox operating system. Firefox, as you know, enjoys a rather large following in the browser market, and though the smartphone and tablet categories are both dominated by Android and iOS (in that order), Mozilla may have what it takes to make it a legitimate three-way race (yes, Windows Phone/Windows 8 and BlackBerry are contenders too, but it's Android and iOS that are found on 9 out of 10 smartphone devices). Mozilla may also get a bit of help from Hon Hai Precision.

Foxconn's parent company is said to be working with Mozilla to launch a mobile device that runs on Firefox. Details are almost nonexistent, though according to Focus Taiwan and the "industry insider" it spoke with, the device is likely to be a tablet, not a smartphone.

Firefox Phone
There's already a Firefox phone, but it's only for developers.

It's an interesting move by Hon Hai Precision, which generates more than half of its revenues from Apple. Therein lies the motivation for Foxconn's parent firm, which is reportedly looking to reduce its dependence on Apple, especially as demand for iPhone and iPad devices slows down a bit. Hon Hai Precision also builds electronics for companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, and several other well known tech companies.