Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Films Your Ride, Goes To YouTube

Here at HotHardware, we rarely cover rollercoasters. In 99.9% of the cases, a rollercoaster has little to nothing to do with a new GPU, a gaming PC or a new graphics card. But the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is different. It's a tech-savvy thrill ride that weds technology with wild physics, and if you're in the Orlando, Florida area, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

The coaster has been "almost ready to open" for months on end now. Indeed, the whole summer has slipped by and the ride is just now accepting patrons, but hey, late is certainly better than never in this scenario. First off, the ride offers a trio of first-ever maneuvers: the Double Take, the world's largest non-inverted loop; the Treble Clef, where guests burst through a building facade on track shaped like the music symbol; and the Jump Cut, a spiraling, negative-gravity move.

But it's not those twists and turns that have our attention, it's the built-in camcorder and personal touchpad that have us longing for a trip to central Florida. Riders can use a touchpad to select their own music for the ride, as each seat contains personal stereo speakers catering to just that rider. Then, the rider's entire ride is captured on video, with the song they selected acting as the soundtrack. After the ride ends, patrons can choose to purchase their very own hair-raising music video on DVD or in a digital, e-mail-able file. Not surprisingly, the coaster's press release doesn't mention how pricey the films are, but we highly doubt they're cheap. So, who's down for a ride?