Hogwarts Legacy Finally Summons A Feature Gamers Have Been Demanding

hero hogwarts legacy
Hogwarts Legacy was a record breaking launch for Warner Bros, as it raked in $850 million in revenue during its first two weeks of sale. While devs have had ample to time to work through the bugs at launch, players still clamored for a Photo Mode to capture all the breathtaking scenery the game offers. Well, Warner Bros has finally delivered, and added the feature to the game.

In a press release, Warner Bros said it wanted to thank all the players who made Hogwarts Legacy a success by delivering the “highly requested” Photo Mode. The company added that the new feature allows gamers to “harness your inner photographer to compose and capture screenshots of your favorite characters, moments, and locations throughout the game.”

hogwarts legacy photo mode

Entering Photo Mode will depend on which platform it is being played on. However, players will need to complete the main mission where they unlock the Field Guide before the option is available. Once Photo Mode is entered, players will have several options to take advantage of. Those include Tilt, Depth of Field, Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation.

Other Photo Mode features include:
  • Camera Functions
  • Visual Controls
  • Visual Filters and Effects (the strength of all filters can be adjusted with a slider)
  • Hide Character, Hide NPCs
  • Character Poses
  • Frames
  • Hogwarts Legacy and House Crest Logos
  • Adjust Time of Day and Season
  • 3x3 Grid
  • Photo Effects
  • UI Toggle
  • Reset all settings except camera position.
Photo Mode is not the only feature that is being added. Players can also reset their talent points, or individually undo specific talent points. Do bear in mind, however, each talent point that is reset will cost 200 gold.

There are also a few new cosmetics being added, which include the Azkaban Coat, Azkaban Prisoner’s Outfit, and The Glasses That Lived, which debuted in the Hogwarts Legacy Easter Egg video. Warner Bros also added the update includes several bug fixes and optimizations for players.

Does having Photo Mode make you want to jump back into Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know in the comments.