Hitachi Develops "Credit Finger"

Though we wouldn’t say that credit cards have “revolutionized” our lives, one could argue that they have changed, to an extent, the way we spend money. A card is more compact, more hygienic (we hope), and much less risky to use for purchases, and to carry around. Nonetheless, things could always be better, as indicated by the recent fad that revolves around biometric devices. Now it seems that even our fingers can be used to make purchases, and it should come as no surprise that a Japanese company decided to spearhead the venture.
“Hitachi’s new e-credit system uses an increasingly common biometric technique to verify an individual's identity by scanning the veins in their finger. The finger vein authentication technology isn't new and is in use in cash machines in many Japanese banks , but the key is in linking it to a central database accessible by retailers.”
Such a database would be managed by Tokyo-based credit company JCB. Each person’s unique finger-vein pattern would be linked to their account. After registration, clients would be ready to make purchases with a simple IR scan of their finger, leading to the release of funds to the retailer. Hitachi assures us that detached fingers would not bypass the scanners, for they will be devoid of pumping blood. Just remember to say that if someone threatens you with a knife: "give me the finger, or else."
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