Hitachi Unveils 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

New ground has been broken in the hard drive industry with the release of Hitachi's 1 terabyte hard drive featuring perpendicular recording. The hard drive company has also discussed the idea of a new kind of HD/flash memory hybrid. Hard drives in the future would have flash memory built in that would protect the device from data loss by housing all the information the system calls on the most. This will reduce disk use, increase longevity, and may perhaps even increase performance in the future.

Hitachi has unveiled a drive which has reached the new heights of one terabyte. Its drive looks like any other, but uses perpendicular magnetic recording to make space for all that data. "The previous generation of recording technology was called longitudinal and it basically recorded the bits laying down, now we're recording the bits standing up," said Kelly O'Sullivan from Hitachi. "So if you think of it that way, you're stacking a lot more data in a shorter area, therefore you get a terabyte."