Hitachi Axing Home Production Of Wooo LCDs And Plasmas: An Industry Sign?

Speaking of reshuffling! RIM's not the only company making some changes today, as Hitachi's flat-panel TV business is also looking to try on a new dress. The company nnounced that, with the goal of building a business management structure more closely linked to market, Hitachi Consumer Business Group features flat-screen TV business from FY 2012 Electronics Co., Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. has been in charge of consumer marketing and sales of home appliances from a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi and then transferred to the group, decided to sales-driven management system.

The reason for the business transfer? Well, they'll be halting domestic production of Wii LCD and plasma TVs in order to improve profitability. This transfer will start from April 1, is expected to be completed by the end of September. Employees involved in Hitachi Consumer Electronics flat-panel TV business, including Hitachi CM, we plan to take advantage of new business and in and out of the Hitachi Group Hitachi Consumer Electronics. Hitachi Consumer Electronics does technology can be leveraged to continue to flat-screen TVs and video equipment. Hitachi CM, with flat-screen TV to make the results developed by Hitachi Consumer Electronics, for final assembly process to ensure that the consignment to the outside, we will build a stable business base for flat-panel TV business.

In addition, information tech projection Hitachi flat-screen TV has ever produced is the production technology and techniques such as optical plastic substrate packaging technology developed in the manufacture of flat-screen televisions and other video equipment will continue to contract manufacturing products outside the Hitachi Group.

What's most interesting about the news is the potential impact elsewhere. Sony and others have also expressed concerns about their TV industries, with profit being the hardest to come by. At CES, many companies displayed sets with almost no bezel, but Hitachi's displaying a desire to change things up entirely. What's the future of LCD? Is OLED finally taking over? Something else?
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