Hisense Deals Its Gorgeous 100” QLED 4K TV For Under $2K, 75” Mini LED $900

Hisense U76 QLED TV on a gray gradient background.
You have a smidge over two weeks before Super Bowl Sunday arrives, which will see either the Detroit Lions or or San Francisco 49ers square off against the Kansas City Swifties or Baltimore Ravens for the ultimate prize (depending on the results of this weekend's Conference Championship games). It's a big event in sports, and you still have time to bring home a new big screen TV to see it unfold in up to 100 inches of screen real estate.

We know what you're thinking, a 100-inch TV must cost a king's ransom. Surprisingly, we've seen some reasonable prices on giant-sized TVs recently. We already wrote about TCL's 98-inch behemoth last week (which is still on sale), and now Hisense is getting in on the action with the Hisense 100-inch class U76 series QLED TV for $1,999.99 at Best Buy (save $3000).

You're not getting mini LED or OLED at this size and price combo, but you are scoring an absolutely ginormous 4K resolution TV with quantum dot technology, full array local dimming (FALD) with 256 zones, HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision), 800 nits of brightness, and gaming amenities like a 144Hz refresh rate. If you want to go big without breaking the bank, this is a killer value.

Hisense ULED U7 TV on a gray gradient background.

Not everyone has the space or desire for a 100-inch television. Fair enough, and if you're looking to still go big albeit at a more reasonable footprint, check out the 75-inch Hisense U7 Series TV that's on sale for $898 at Amazon (save $99) or $899.99 at Best Buy, if you prefer. That's still a lot of screen, and even better is that this model features mini LED backlighting.

Mini LEDs are just like they sound—smaller LEDs than what a typical LCD screen employs, which paves the way for brighter content and better control of local dimming to reduce blooming (also known as the halo effect). And mini LED is generally cheaper than OLED while, in many cases, looking nearly as good.

If you're a TV aficionado, then you're undoubtedly familiar with Rtings, one of the best resources for in-depth testing and analysis on a wide range of televisions. You can check out how this one fared, but in short, it's described as a "great TV to watch the latest movies on" with "outstanding black uniformity" and accurate viewing "even without any calibration."

Sony's X77L TV on a gray gradient background.

As a middle ground between those two sizes (75-inch and 100-inch), you can snag Sony's 85-inch X77L Series TV (2023 model) for $1,098 on Amazon (save $400). It doesn't deliver the best image quality of the bunch (it's the entry level 4K model in Sony's 2023 TVs), but it's very big, it features Sony's '4K Processor X1' chip, and is a great value for the money-to-size ratio.

This is one to consider if you're looking for the Sony brand without spending a fortune, and don't need the latest gaming amenities. With regards to the latter, you're looking at a 60Hz native refresh rate and HDMI 2.0 connectivity, rather than 120Hz+ and HDMI 2.1. However, it does boast a Game mode with a low input lag, so you can play games on this.

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