Hisense 100-Inch 4K HDR Mini LED TV Hits A New Low Price For A Massively Good Deal

Hisense 100-inch U8K TV on a wooden step in front of a living room wall.
One of the best trends in tech over the past several years is big screen TVs getting increasingly bigger and less expensive. Underscoring that fact like an emphatic dunk at the end of a basketball game that's a blowout is Hisense and its retail partners unloading its absolutely monstrous 100-inch U8K television for $7,000 below its original price.

Amazon and Best Buy were both hawking this heavily discounted TV last week, but it quickly sold out. No big surprise, given the TV's massive size, equally massive sale price, and delightful set of features. Not to worry, though, you can still find it in stock—the Hisense 100-inch U8 series TV (100U8K) is on sale for $2,998 at Walmart. And not by a sketchy marketplace seller either, it's sold and shipped by Walmart.

Walmart lists this as a $500 savings, as this ginormous TV recently fell in price. Amazon's price tracking history shows that it generally sold for between $4,000 and $5,100, give or take, while Best Buy has it listed as a $7,000 markdown. Specific discount aside, this is the lowest price this TV has ever been and is at risk of selling out (since it already has at other retailers).

In addition to being a big TV, it's also immensely bright thanks to its mini LED backlighting—it's rated to hit an eye-searing 1,500 nits. It also features a native 144Hz refresh rate (great for gaming), 1,620 local dimming zones, oodles of HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision), four HDMI ports (2x HDMI 2.1 supporting 4K at 144Hz), and variable refresh rate support. In other words, this isn't a crummy TV stretched out to a massive size, but a stellar model at a fantastic price.

LG QNED80 series TV on a gray gradient background.

You may not have space for a 100-inch TV, or you have the space but don't want it dominated by a television. In that case, check out the 65-inch LG QNED80 series TV that's on sale for $796.99 at Amazon (20% off). It's still big (just not bonkers-level big) and like the Hisense U8K, it uses mini LED backlight to serve up bright visuals and make HDR content pop.

In case you're wondering, mini LED technology is pretty much exactly how it sounds—it uses miniature LEDs that are much smaller than traditional LEDs. This allows manufacturers to cram more of them into the backlight scheme, which typically results in a higher peak brightness and better control over local dimming, which in turn can reduce blooming (otherwise known as the halo effect).

This model from LG also features quantum dot technology as well as LG's own NanoCell tech to splash the display with a wider color gamut. Other goodies include two HDMI 2.1 ports, FreeSync support, HDR and HLG support, and a fast 120Hz refresh rate.

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