HIS X850XT, Thermaltake Cooler, AMD Turion64...

Hello everyone, I hope all of you well.  With my good friend Mr. Coffee working away in the kitchen, I figured this was an opportune time to link my favorite family with a shot of juice.  So, go grab a glass and help yourself; there is plenty to go around today...

 HIS X850XT IceQ II Turbo @ Viperlair

"The HIS adaptation of the X850XT is more than well done, it borders on ingenious. Simple, yet extremely effective silent cooling, give you stable overclocks to the levels of the Platinum Edition without even a 2nd glance. Add to that a range of adapters that could make your day and a Dual DVI output launch this card to the top of the pile, especially when you consider the price differential for that Platinum Edition card next to it."

 Thermaltake SonicTower Heatpipe Cooler @ SystemCooling.com

"With today's processors getting more powerful and running hotter and hotter, heatsink manufacturers are going to greater extremes to keep your CPU cool and still run at a respectable sound level. Today we are going to be taking a look at what has to be one of the largest heatsinks on the market, the Thermaltake Sonic Tower. Not only is this heat sink huge, it also runs fanless, making it totally silent."

 AMD Turion64 Mobile Processor @ GamePC

"Today at GamePC, we've taken a closer look at the new Turion64 processor, AMD's long-awaited competition to Intel's Pentium-M for the mobile markets. The Turion64 is based on AMD's 90nm "Lancaster" core, and boasts very impressive power consumption and heat production numbers, in addition to SSE-3 and 64-bit processing support. We test a few Turion64 chips against Intel's Pentium-M and AMD's own Athlon64 processor family to see if the Turion64 brand is worth all the hype."

 Lian Li's PC-V800 enclosure @ Tech Report

"Lian Li's most recent tower designs have borrowed heavily from Apple's Power Mac G5 enclosure, and the company's new desktop case is no exception. The PC-V800 features the same perforated panels as Lian Li's PC-V1000 tower in a form factor suitable for PC desktops and home theater systems. Is there a place for the PC-V800's bold aesthetic in the living room? Does this desktop design work for home theater PCs? Read on to find out."

 Thermaltake Armor VA8000 Full Tower Case @ Hardcoreware

"Today we're reviewing the Armor VA8000 Full Tower Case from Thermaltake. It is obviously inspired by Cooler Master's Stacker case, but it does have some really cool features worth talking about. It is definitely one of the more unique looking cases we've reviewed in a while."

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