HIS Lucky Draw, Mushkin Player, Samurai Cases, Abit Mobos and More!

Good morning folks!  Happy Post Thanksgiving to all our State side friends.  In typical holiday fashion, I managed to eat so much food I still feel full the next morning.  We had one heck of a spread including a 25LB turkey and all the sides you could imagine.  What was more amazing was that for some reason, the turkey didn't make me sleepy at all.  In fact, I was wide awake the whole night, staring at the ceiling wondering if the triptophan would ever kick in.  Sadly, it didn't.  So it's lots of coffee for me this AM followed by a late afternoon nap for sure. I hope the rest of you had a good time with the one's you love, as that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

HIS X700Pro IceQ Turbo Lucky draw with the value of goods worth $2,500.00!

Hong Kong,  Tuesday, November 24th, 2004 – Recognized by major media worldwide, HIS has won over 200 awards with ATI for delivering outstanding graphic solutions. In honor of such distinction, HIS is introducing a HIS X700Pro IceQ Turbo Lucky draw with the total value of goods worth US$2,500.00!

For More details on the HIS X700Pro IceQ TURBO, click here:

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The HIS X700Pro IceQ Turbo will be available in the December, 2004 for worldwide market.

Mushkin MP3/WMA/Voice Recorder @ Viper Lair:

"MP3 players like this are very common, but what isn't so common is the rechargeable battery negating the need for regular purchases of standard batteries. If this is a feature you could use, then you will be happy with this player."

SunBeamTech Samurai Case Review @ CoolTechZone:

"The enthusiast computer case industry has come quite a long way in the past few years. Just a quick look at any major online reseller and you can see that literally dozens of manufacturers are competing against each other. From a consumer perspective, this is great news. More competition means better prices and features. We are starting to see features like tool-less designs, removable motherboard trays, solid construction, windowed side panels, UV lights, and numerous internal bays become available in more and more cases at lower and lower prices. The latest in budget oriented gaming cases is the Samurai from SunBeamTech."

ABIT AG8 915P Motherboard @ Bjorn3D:

"ABIT is one of those companies that people seem to continually expect a lot from. When so many enthusiasts flock towards ABIT's products, that's bound to happen. Enthusiasts expect and demand more, and ABIT delivers that time and time again with abundant tweaking options and innovative features. A company like ABIT is good for all of us really, as it makes other companies think about innovation and staying ahead of the game as well."

HEXUS.net reviews Gainward's Fast As Hell Graphics Card:

"Gainward's GeForce 6800 GT Ultra/2400 Golden Sample Goes Like Hell 256MB is a fast and furious card that will ultimately appeal to the enthusiast who desires clock speed above all else. In that respect, it's a decent effort. Forget that it's named a GT; that's just clever marketing. The only question you really need to ask yourself when contemplating a video card at this end of the market is whether an NV40-based 400/1200-clocked card is worth £380 of your hard-earned money. If it is, it's well worth considering."

That's all for now.  We'll catch you back here soon!

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