HIS Introduces HIS X850 / X800 CrossFire Edition

Hey folks. We got a special update for you here, introducing ATI's CrossFire Graphics technology from HIS. And yes, pictures are included :)

HIS introduces HIS X850 / X800 CrossFire Edition
"The ultimate multi-GPU PCIe graphics solution"

Hong Kong, Tuesday, May 31, 2005 - HIS (Hightech Information System Limited) today announced the introduction of the HIS X850 / X800 CrossFire Edition. Pairing up with existing X850 or X800 series graphic card, HIS CrossFire edition is the ultimate multi-GPU consumer graphics solution, igniting an entirely new gaming experience with the power of multiple GPUs within a single a PC. HIS CrossFire accelerates all your games, all the time, and delivers the highest image quality modes and resolutions with no special software or patches needed for compatibility.

Multiply & Conquer for Ultimate Gaming Performance
HIS CrossFire's "supertiling" GPU-sharing speeds rendering by evenly dividing the graphics processing, intelligently alternating the rendering workload to each Radeon GPU for efficient load balancing, and optimized performance. HIS CrossFire boosts image quality by enabling ultra high screen resolutions beyond 2054x1536, and permitting far higher antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, shading, and texture settings.

Flexible and Compatible
To build your own latest generation multi-GPU system, start with any existing Radeon X800 or Radeon X850 graphics card and a CrossFire Ready motherboard, such as those based on the ATI Radeon Xpress200 chipset. Then add a HIS CrossFire Edition co-processor board and plug in the external cable to unite multi-GPU power that enables you to dominate all your games.

HIS CrossFire Edition card: Works with:
HIS X850 CrossFire Edition RADEON X850 XT PE
HIS X800 CrossFire Edition RADEON X800 XT PE
RADEON X800 All-in-Wonder




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