Hilarious 'Banned' iPad Mini Promo Pokes Fun at Apple

We don't know if this will end up going viral or not, but a new YouTube video mocking the recent iPad mini launch offers up a pretty funny reflection of the marketing genius Apple possesses. Heavy on sarcasm, the video, which was produced by John Elerick, who is "probably the smartest person you know, probably," according to his Twitter account, pokes fun of everything the iPad mini lacks, and how Apple is able to spin a negative into a positive.

"With all of the mini advances, you probably expect to pay more than double the price of the full-size iPad. But this amazing device is $170 cheaper on every level. Yes, you heard correct. You get more for less, minus the Retina Display and faster processor," states Darnell Johnson, playing the part of Senior Vice President.

Much of what's brought up in the spoofed ad rings true about the iPad mini, though none of it appears to have slowed initial sales by much. All forms of the iPad mini are sold out on Apple's website, which now lists a two-week wait time for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Wi-Fi models, and mid-November shipments for Wi-Fi + Cellular SKUs.

One of the biggest criticisms about the iPad mini is that pricing starts at $329. That's $130 more expensive than competing 7-inch Android tablets.