Highspeed PC Tech Station v2

Today, Paradise|OC presents us with the Highspeed PC Tech Station v2, designed for those of you who are constantly swapping hardware.

"There have been times when a box of band-aids has been needed for every finger when I go to work in a case. No matter what, I always got a few cuts from somewhere in the case. They were small, so I never noticed until red stains started showing up on clothes and the case itself. Those are not fun times. That is one thing I look for in a case, one that is easy to work with, that won't turn my hands into confetti. This is where Highspeed PC's Tech Station comes in."

I'm sure most of you understand where they're coming from. After all, what's a custom built system if you didn't put a little of your own blood and sweat into it... literally.

Tags:  ATI, Tech, PC, Speed, tat, stat