Highly Anticipated Cameras Launched in the UK

BenQ’s X725 and T700 digital cameras were introduced into the UK market today, barely making it before photo season really kicks off. The T700, 7-megapixel digital camera is BenQ's first touch screen digital camera and features a 3-inch LCD touch screen display, which BenQ prides as a testament to its tradition in quality LCD technology. Indeed, its 3-inch panel boasts a remarkable resolution of 232,000 pixels. At 14.9mm in width, the T700 is unlikely to be cumbersome.
"What’s more, the T700 features a Pentax SMC (Super Multi-Coating) lens for high contrast images and with a high colour saturation.”
As a successor to the highly acclaimed X720, the X725 has a width of only 12.5mm, and is the slimmest 7-megapixel camera in the world. Though it lacks a touch screen, it still features a “Sliding Lens System” and a Pentax 3x zoom lens. Both the T700 and the X725 use an advanced “Super Shake Free” system to improve image accuracy by reducing blur caused by movement of objects or the hands. The X725 goes on sale for 165 EU. The T700 can be had for just 10 EU more.
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