High-Profile Halo Master Chief Collection Tournament Canceled Due To Lingering Bugs

Microsoft and 343 Industries have been stomping out bugs like the Orkin Man ever since Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched in November of last year, but they keep popping up. Not only has it created an embarrassing situation, but 343 Industries had to cancel an official Halo tournament after the Xbox One title had trouble connecting players.

343 Industries delivered the news via Twitter by saying, "We're aware of and investigating party joinability issues. As a result, we'll be canceling HCS Cup #1, and apologize for the inconvenience." It's worth pointing out that the Halo Champion Series, now in its second season, is the official Halo eSports league. It's also been running in partnership with the ESL for several months now.


Had there not been any issues, HCS would have run over the weekend from April 25 to April 26 spanning two separate brackets. Everything seemed fine on Saturday, but once Sunday rolled around, Halo: The Master Chief Collection ran into problems that prevented the tournament from playing out to its conclusion.

Unfortunately, buggy behavior seems par for course. This isn't even the first notable cancellation -- 343 Industries pulled the rug from a planned beta for one of its game updates, and prior that, problems with the title prompted Microsoft to offer affected gamers a free month of Xbox Live and the Halo 3: ODST campaign to apologize for the game's bugs.