Hidden Pictures on Vista DVDs

This blog post at inicia.es (bring your translator) showing a hidden image of three men standing side-by-side on a Windows Vista Business DVD is making the rounds today.  I had the scanner and my Vista Ultimate DVDs sitting right next to me when I came across that post, so I decided to slap it down and see if I could verify the image...


My aging scanner is only capable of 1600dpi resolution, but that was enough to verify the hidden image is actually there, and to spot another one at the opposite end of the rectangular mark on the disc.  Not sure who they are, but anyone who bought retail copies of Windows Vista now has a picture of three random dudes and who knows what else in their collection.

Update: We've made a few more scans and found a couple more images to check out.  It looks like there are another two faces on the DVD along with an image of the Earth from the moon.

small_more_images.jpg      small_more_images_2.jpg

We still can't make out the image that's under the "three men".  If any of you have better scanners and a Vista DVD handy and wouldn't mind sending in a few scans, we'd appreciate it.

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