HH and CyberPower Independence Day Sweepstakes Winner!

To commemorate the Independence Day holiday, we announced an exciting sweepstakes along with our friends at Cyberpower PC, Intel, Kingston and Cooler Master in which we planned to give away a custom, fully loaded Intel Core i7-powered system, complete with 4GB of RAM, a GeForce graphics card, and a an Intel SSD--among numerous other goodies.

The response we received after the announcement of the contest and throughout its duration was absolutely awesome with hundreds of new members joining our community, posting thousands of comments throughout the forum, news, Facebook and Twitter. Before we announce the winner, we want to give a big thank you to everyone that made this contest possible and of course to all of our loyal community members—new and old--who participated.

Well, we've had a chance to sift through all of the data and we’ve picked the lucky winner...

She's All Yours, AnimatorTom!

Are you ready for it? Drum roll please! And the Winner Is:


Congrats brother! You've just scored yourself once heck of a killer rig!

Now everyone, congratulate your compatriot and prepare for our next exciting give-away! Once we've got the details hammered out, we'll announce the next contest, but we promise it won't be long!

Team HotHardware