Hey, Look: It's Useful

It's pointless to point out that an iPod nano is a spiffy little piece of gear. It's the industry standard now. But even if you don't want to listen to Blink 182 through waxy earbuds all day, it's still a powerful piece of storage equipment. XtremeMac has an inexpensive microphone/speaker interface for your little Apple wonder that turns  it into a versatile little recording/playback studio: Micromemo.

Recording time is displayed on your iPod nano screen in real-time, and the built-in speaker allows you to listen to your recordings instantly—without earbuds. But if you want to connect them, MicroMemo also allows access to the headphone port.

Managing recordings is easy too: your recordings are saved as files that import into iTunes at CD-quality. From there, you can edit the audio in programs like Garage Band, or import as a soundtrack to a home movie, slideshow or presentation.

Just $59.95 to capture and record up to 51 hours. Nifty.