Hey Kids, Rock And Roll

One of the more unexpected winners in the video game wars is the Guitar Hero franchise. Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2 have sold over 3 million copies. EA Games is currently working on taking the franchise to its logical next step and expanding it to four controllers, one each for guitar, bass, drums and vocals. They call it: Rock Band.

The songs on the new game haven't been revealed yet. Current games include the Allman Brothers, Joan Jett, Kansas, Nirvana and Wolfmother. "We'll be covering a great breadth, from metal to classic rock to Southern rock to everything in between," Rigopulos says. Online connectivity is a key to the game. The developers envision additional songs for online purchase beyond those in the retail version. And players need not be together to jam. "You could have one guitarist in Germany and another one in Texas, a drummer in New York and a singer from somewhere else, and they can play together online," EA's David DeMartini says.
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