He's Using You To Get To Me -- Taiwan Style

Follow along closely, here. Gateway formally tendered a binding offer to acquire Packard Bell.  At this point, you and three friends could afford to buy Packard Bell; a 75 percent stake in its holding company was only worth $41 million. But Gateway was just acquired by Taiwan based Acer for the very large sum, comparatively, of $710 million, and one of Gateway's few worthwhile assets was the right of first refusal to purchase Packard Bell if it was sold. Would Acer pay a premium price for Gateway to get their hands on lowly Packard Bell? Yes, to keep it away from Lenovo.

The move is expected to shift Packard Bell into Acer's control once the Taiwan-based PC company wraps up its $710 million acquisition of Gateway. Acer is aiming for a bigger presence in both the United States and Europe with the Gateway and Packard Bell acquisitions.

China's Lenovo initially opened discussions to acquire Packard Bell in an effort to expand its presence in Europe following a similar move that gave it extensive reach within the North American market through the purchase of IBM Corp.'s PC division. 

It's a China/ Taiwan thing. You wouldn't understand.

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