Hertz To Roll Out iPhone & BlackBerry Rental Apps, Groceries And Dentist Appointments Are Next!

We know the whole "There's An App For That!" campaign is getting stale, but you know what? It's pretty accurate. For almost any scenario you can dream up, the App Store has an app for what you need to accomplish. It may not be free or full-featured, but you can get almost any kind of web-based action you need from Apple's software market.

You know what else you can soon do via iPhone or iPod touch? Book a car rental, and we're not talking about by reserving a vehicle via Mobile Safari. Major car company Hertz is planning an overhaul of its image in the near future, and one of the major things it plans to streamline is the reservation process. That includes, of course, providing a mobile application for BlackBerry and iPhone handsets. The app will be provided to consumers free of charge, and it should be available to download and use in Q1 of next year.

Users will be able to easily make reservations, find Hertz locations and see promotions right on the phone. This will basically allow travelers to hit the tarmac, fire up their phone, book a car and have it ready to roll by the time they snag their luggage and head to the rental desk at the airport. Talk about convenient. We fully expect these type of things to grow as more and more companies take advantage of the app obsession. Soon enough, you'll be ordering cleaning supplies and groceries via an app. You laugh now, but just you wait...