Here's How To Free Cortana From Her Xbox One Experience Preview Dungeon

Part of Microsoft's strategy to unite different devices to a single ecosystem means offering the same services and features across the board. One of those features is Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, which is available on Windows 10. It will also be available for the Xbox One, though not until sometime next year, at least officially. Don't feel like waiting? You might not have to.

A Reddit forum member posted a quick and dirty guide on how to unlock Cortana on the Xbox One, provided you're running the latest Xbox One Experience Preview. The first thing that came to mind when I read it was the infamous Konami cheat for Contra on NES: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. Unlocking Cortana isn't quite as involved though, nor will it give you extra lives to fool around with.

Cortana Xbox One

To bring Cortana to life on the Xbox One:
  1. Hit the Xbox button twice to bring up the Guide
  2. Go down to Settings (the gear symbol)
  3. Hit Left a single time
  4. Hit Up
  5. Then press A two times and if that doesn't work, press A a few more times.
When you go through the above steps, Cortana will configure itself and snap to the side. You can then bark out commands starting with "Hey Cortana," though remember this is an early build that isn't yet polished, so temper your expectations.

One thing that isn't yet supported through Cortana on the Xbox One is the ability to set reminders. However, you can have Cortana perform other tasks, like adjusting the volume up or down, fetching the weather, telling jokes, and so forth.