Henri Lamiraux, Apple's Head of iOS Engineering, Calls It Quits After 23 Years

Wondering what the next major release of iOS will look like? It will be even more interesting to find out following news that Henri Lamiraux, Apple's Vice President of Engineering for iOS on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has decided to step down and retire after serving the Cupertino firm for 23 years. His retirement actually took place a couple of weeks ago, but fell under the radar until now.

Lamiraux told 9to5Mac in an email that he had decided a "little while ago" that iOS 7 would be the last release he would work on. iOS 7 is visually different from previous versions, which Lamiraux knows all about -- he joined the iOS engineering team in 2005, and as such, he's one of a small handful of engineers to have been involved with the iPhone since its beginning.

Henri Lamiraux

Citing "sources within Apple's iOS division," 9to5Mac says Lamiraux is a respected leader who was in charge of developing the apps that ship with iOS. He also led feature implementations and bug fixing processes. More recently, Lamiraux basically became the head of iOS once Craig Federighi accepted a role as Senior VP of both iOS and OS X last fall, a promotion that tasked him with managing all software.

Lamiraux worked his up the ranks in Apple over the years, having first started as a Mac software engineer. It doesn't appear he was much for the media spotlight, though he has appeared in developer sessions and videos at WWDC conferences, and also led the keynote address for developers in 2012.