Hello, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC.

Bill Gates and Co. have been doing their best to promote Windows Vista since its release, but it seems they just cant get a break from Apple's latest "Get a Mac" ad campaign. The ads, which poke and prod at PCs as well as Windows Vista, have as of late focused on security. In a recent press conference, Bill Gates claimed that Macs are far less secure then PCs running Windows. Gates told reporters that security experts uncover exploits for Macs daily, some of which can result in a complete takeover of the system from the user, and then challenged the public to be able to do that once a month on a Windows based machine.

It's been several weeks since Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Latest News about Microsoft launched Windows Vista for consumers. Back during the promotional push, Microsoft's Bill Gates was dogged by questions about Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) Latest News about Apple, including Apple's popular "Get a Mac" television ad campaign. Imagine the guy's irritation: He's in the middle of trying to promote his shiny new operating system, which he wants everyone to know is leaps and bounds better than XP, and pesky reporters keep prodding him with questions about Macs. Something had to give.

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