Helen Mirren Becomes Wii Fit's New Face

Nintendo has selected Helen Mirren to be a new face for Wii Fit. Mirren, after all, has shown that at the age of 65 she has a fabulous figure (even in a bikini, as shown at 63, two years ago).

Of course, it's doubtful that Mirren has used the Wii Fit, Nintendo's motion-based fitness game, to keep that figure. Despite that, she garnered $800,000 for two days of shooting. A friend of Mirren, an Academy Award winner, said:
"Nintendo insisted they wanted Helen and no one else. They wanted an older, more attractive woman to show that the Wii isn't just for children."
In the TV commercial, Mirren is seen using the Wii Fit, praising it for the number of exercise variations available, saying:
"You need never get bored as every day you can tailor a new workout."
When the Wii Fit first came out, it was criticized for being too yoga-centric. Since then, additional third-party exercise games for the Wii have arrived, with more aerobic workouts.