Head-Shot: Call of Duty Ghosts Single Player Game Play Trailer Breaks Cover

As nutty as it may seem, the thing I get most excited about whenever the latest Call of Duty drops is the single-player campaign. I know - I should be ashamed. While many consider the story to be the weakest part of any CoD, I eat it up, and given the fact that no CoD has failed to keep me engaged, I have rather high expectations for Ghosts. A new trailer, released just today, helps fuel that further:

The thing that might excite me most about Ghosts is the obvious improvement to the game engine. I am not sure if we're going to be seeing Battlefield 4-level graphics here, but it does look like we're going to be close. I believe that Ghosts will be the first CoD title in a while where the series' haters will have a very difficult time continuing to bash it. Graphics are not the only improvement here - the entire engine as a whole looks like it's capable of delivering one heck of an exciting experience. I can't wait.

Ghosts is set to launch on November 5th for all current-gen consoles, and then at the launch of the next-gen consoles. As we covered a couple of weeks ago, those who pick the game up on the PS3 will have the option to upgrade to the PS4 version once it comes out for a mere $10.